Sunday, February 25, 2007

11 Months Down, ?? to Go

We were officially 11 months from our log-in date (LID) on Feb. 13, so this post is a little late. The official time frame right now is about 15 months from LID to referral--quite a change from the six-to-eight month wait we were anticipating when we began the paperwork process in Sept. of 2005. (Wow! Has it really been that long?)

If anything, this entire process has taught us--or, rather, IS teaching us--patience. I know that sounds a bit clich├ęd, but we are on God's timetable, not ours. Things will happen precisely when they're supposed to happen.


Lee R. Shelton, III said...

I've always said that believing in the Sovereignty of God and living are 2 different things. Glad to see that you are trusting in the Providence of your Sovereign God.

PaPa Lee (Olivia's grandfather)

lynn said...

Keep the faith! I know it is hard to wait. Aunt Lynn

Jinglebritches said...

dear Dawn, I love to come to your house all day long. I love you Dawn. I like your dogs but not June because she's too jumpy. I like Abby because she's my best dog but I can't keep her. I want a dog just like yours.
Love Zoe
(dictated to mom)

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