Friday, April 13, 2007

We Had Our Fingerprints Renewed Yesterday; They Expire, You Know

Check out this story:
    Charge Over 1974 Child Slaying in Texas

    ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police say a suspect was arraigned today on a murder charge related to the 1974 stabbing death of a boy. A fingerprint that was found at the victim's home was entered into a national crime database in 1994.

    An arrest last August in a D-W-I investigation in San Antonio led to a fingerprint match.

    Forty-nine-year-old Juan Castenada Bravo was arrested yesterday in San Antonio and transported to Abilene. Bravo is held on 100-thousand dollars bond.

    Police say seven-year-old Michael David Niles, who was known as "Mickey," was fatally stabbed in June of 1974 while at home. The boy's 13-year-old sister, Kelly Niles, was wounded. Investigators are trying to determine whether Bravo knew the victims.
So wait a minute...they solved this crime 30 years later because they found a fingerprint match??? I ask you then, why adoptive parents are required to get re-fingerprinted in the adoption process? Apparently fingerprints EXPIRE after 15 months. Since our adoption is moving at a slower pace, we were re-fingerprinted yesterday...a strange sense of violation.

Yes, you could watch COURT TV or read the papers or scan the internet and find many a story of crime-solvers using ancient finger-prints to solve crimes, but OUR government says finger-prints expire after 15 months. I am sure you won't find it shocking that there is a charge, with a check made out to the Department of Homeland Security, for this.

On a brighter note, I guess, is that as of today we are at 13 months since our LID, and I am officially 19 months pregnant. I look pretty good under the circustances, wouldn't you say?

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