Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Mish-Mash

It is funny to me that Mother's Day was the 13th of the month and I didn't even realize that marked another month passing since our LID. I used to count down the days until the 13th and this time I didn't even realize it. I do hope and pray that Mother's Day 2007 is indeed my last Mother's Day without Olivia.

Well, we got a new camera in February and we are finally uploading our pictures. Here are just a few. They start from the most recent and go back to Feb.

The rows of Olivia's 100 Wishes quilt. A work in progress!

Our first official BBQ in our new home. We had the Rieck's and the Woyke's (from our America World China travel group) over to pray for our daughters in China and for the process to speed up.

At the airport with my new nephew, Michael, visiting with him before he heads off to the Middle East for six months with the Navy. He had a three hour layover at MSP airport.

Our crazy dog, June, yawning.

With the Woyke's celebrating our shared LID-iversary and also Jen's birthday. We met a Chinese restaurant and then came back to our house for dessert. Pictured below is their son, Barak and daughter Celia, and the ladybug cake that I baked and Lee decorated.

Our cats in a rare moment of bliss. Within five minutes of this picture they were fighting again.

Snow clear to the top of the upstairs window.

Ezra and June sharing a nap.

Abby and June sitting together on the trunk.

We went to San Diego in February for my niece Melinda's wedding. Here we are with her and Michael.

And here we are on the beach!

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Jenni said...

Hey lovely photos...thanks for sharing them...and it was really nice going through your post...thanks again!!!

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