Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the month of JUNE

Ahhhh, June. Not just a month on the calendar...but my beloved beast. We just passed her two year anniversary - actually, in MAY, not June. She has brought a lot of joy into our lives, a lot of humor and she has definitely tested our patience. Tonight, she ate my dinner. **sigh** Hope she liked that grilled chicken. I had raisin bran.

Actually, if you look at this picture, carefully look at it...you will see all there is to know about June. Look at those eyes...she thinks she is smarter than you, doesn't she? That smarmy look on her face. And she is licking her chops...undoubtedly she probably had just scarfed something else down when this was taken. She is such a pain. But she is also a comfort. When I am not feeling well, she is the one who snuggles me. She has also been a good distraction as we wait for Olivia since she has taken so much discipline -- true, consistent discipline, which takes time! She has changed so much since we got her and is so much more calm and well behaved. But I still had raisin bran for dinner. Ahhhhh, June.


amy said...

thinking about you..what a sweet face!

Connie D said...

I know exactly how you feel - I have two critters at home that think the same thing & just the other day my son got to be finished dinner early because Lexi our Wire Hair Fox Terrier decided he was done eating!! They are a pain but they are just like one of the kids!! Just think of how much fun Olivia will have with June!! They will be best friends!!

Jinglebritches said...

Love you guys!!! Miss you guys!!! Thought of you while we were down in Indiana for the 4th!! We are back. Whatcha doin???

Jinglebritches said...

June, No eatin Dawn's food!!!

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