Friday, July 13, 2007

16 Months Down, woohoo

It is the 13th again…so now what??? 16 months past our Log In Date. A sarcastic YIPPEE!!! Ok, ok, I will “adopt” a better attitude! The Rumor Queen site says that we may get a referral next April. We won’t count on that, but that would mean travel before the Olympics, something we would like! It ultimately won’t matter to us WHEN we go, we will just be happy TO go, but after all the additional expenses with the delay, it would be nice to avoid the Olympics since the flights and hotels and who knows what else will be priced higher.

We are officially past the longest time China has ever taken from Log In to referral since the country opened to international adoption in 1991 - 15 months - which was during the SARS pandemic.


amy said...

Yeah for 16 months down!!!!!

Jen said...

Right there with you...and have you been checking RQ? I thought that was my job:)

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