Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Now I know we have more than 2 followers...if you like to read our blog, scroll down on the right and click the "Follow this Blog" icon. For those of you who read and never leave a comment, it's easy! Just hit "anonymous"(if you don't want to sign in, which is ALSO easy) and then just put your name after you are done typing. We would love to know you to "stopped by".

Also, my friend Denise launched her blog today - please drop a line there as well to welcome her to Bloggyland!


A Momma in Waiting... said...

I didn't see this before :-)

Robby, Tonja and Caitlin said...

Of course I follow your blog. I had never noticed this before. Just goes to show that I only read the blogs and never look at anything else. Love your new look to your blog!

Mike and Rhonda said...


Thank you for your sweet comments and understanding! Yes we have been given a precious gift. I think you understand how I am feeling. I appreciate that so much.

PS - Love the blog

Jennifer said...

I was here. =).. loving you... xoxo

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