Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Hip, Hip - (you say, Hurraaaay!) Hip, Hip - Hurraaaay! Mama is STILL cancer-free. Our Miracle Mama is living up to her nickname!! Thank you, Lord, for this gift! What a fun Christmas we will have with Olivia and my Miracle Mama!

We are also very grateful to Sherri, who is in Haiti for her court appointment. She sent us this picture and note: "She (Patricia) REALLY wanted to make sure that I told you she loves and misses you so much. Even as we were getting ready to drive away she was in the window asking me to tell you :-)"
This of course brought tears of joy and sadness. It is bittersweet to be having another Christmas without them, but let me tell you, when these kids are home, what a celebration that will be!!! Love to get new pictures!!


Barb P. said...

What wonderful news about your mom!! Love the new photos too...praying for a wonderful Christmas for you this year...and that next year you will have all your kiddos home! Miracles do happen! HUGS

Tracy said...

Patricia is such a sweetie. And great news about your Mom! I am so happy Olivia is here for her first Christmas with you.

Chris said...

Patricia's words brought tears to my eyes too. She sounds like a sweetie! Can't wait to celebrate with you when you have all your children under one roof. Hooray for your mom's wonderful news! Have a blessed Christmas!

Jodie said...

Praise God about your mom!!!!

Great pix of the kids! And what a wonderful message.

Miss you!

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