Thursday, September 29, 2005

More details...

We received our next packet from AWAA for "Step Two". We already wrote our request letter to China (we have to basically ask them to consider us for adoption, why we want to adopt from China, etc., etc.,) It took me nearly four hours to complete! Ugh! It has to be worded with such care as to not offend the Chinese officials who are deciding whether or not to approve us.

All documents going forward will have to be notarized, so we have to have our coordinator proof-read everything before we see a Notary to save time and money.

Also saw in this new packet that we have to have NEW copies of our marriage and birth certificates - dated within the last year! Ugh again! The birth and marriage info hasn't know? Never mind what kind of trouble we'd face trying to get any documents from NEW ORLEANS right now! EEK! I am going to double-check on that tomorrow...

Ok, so I am realizing already that this so-called "paper pregnancy" is going to be filled with a different kind of nausea and labor pains! :)

More soon,

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