Monday, October 03, 2005

Can't get Lee's Birth Certificate (and other news)...

Hi all - heard that quite a few people are reading this so hello even if I don't know you!

So the word is that we need to request updated marriage and birth certificates (even though we already have them) because apparently the date expires and we have to have new ones for the CCAA (Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs) with a date stamp within the year of adoption. So... a little more money out the door! The main problem is because of Katrina, the state of Louisiana's vital records office is shut down - it must be in New Orleans, I don't know. But there is NO WORD on when it may be up and running...

Things I have gotten done: (I am putting these down so you know the progress, but also to keep myself accountable to help me get things done!!) I have requested and already received the letter of verification of my employment from my HR - notarized and ready to go! Also requested Lee's but nothing yet.

Heard back from AWAA that our letter to the CCAA was acceptable with minor changes! (If you don't know these acronyms, scroll down to old blogs.)

Appointments scheduled for the 10th for "adoption physicals" - I never knew there was such a thing! I JUST had a physical, so they are going to see me for anything the regular one didn't cover.

I have started to gather photos for our family collection that they require - some formal; some random, casual family photos; and some of the house with no people in the photos.

Points of prayer - please pray that the home study can get scheduled soon. This is imperative and has to do with the licensing being completed for our social worker. Also, as stated above, Lee's birth certificate...

That's it for now. Heading for bed. Lots of love! Dawn

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