Monday, March 20, 2006

Log in Date - March 13, 2006

Here is the email we received today from America World:

Congratulations again!

We have received confirmation that your dossier was logged into the CCAA on March 13, 2006. Right now the wait time between your log in date and referral is approximately 8-10 months. If you have any questions or need anything during the wait time, please feel free to contact your Family Coordinator.

Ok - so the timeline is approximately 8-10 MORE months to referral (match) and then another 6-8 weeks until travel! AAGH! Please pray with us for patience and for Olivia's health and safety.

Love to all,



Lisa & Jeff said...

Congratulations on your LID!
I'm still waiting to hear when mine is! :(

Anonymous said...

LOVE this poem! I can't wait for our Olivia.
Aunt Janie

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