Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sad News :(

We received this email today...

Dear Families,

Many of you have inquired about the referral process and current wait time. Unfortunately, it appears that the wait time has increased to 11-12 months from the time a Dossier is logged into the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) until a referral. This information is based upon the CCAA's recent posting on their website (

We know that God knows who our child is and that the perfect placement will occur, but I would be outright lying to say that this is not disheartening. Please pray for us. When we began this process the wait time was 6-7 months.




Ava's family said...

Let's just pray it doesn't get any longer.

Tracy said...

Hi Dawn - I was given your blog info though my husband Adam who knows someone you know (Julie - I guess you are her Happennings Book lady). Anyways, congrats on your LID! Adam and I have a LID of 11/22/05 - which was around the time the CCAA started talking about the wait times increasing (Murphy's Law, right?) Anyways, I still have faith that the wait times are going to fluctuate, and I do not think a long wait is necessarily set in stone for either you or us :) Every day brings different rumors about the wait - some good, some bad - I try and cling to the good ones. You can link to our blog though my name on here. Adam and I live in Eagan.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there - like Tracy said, things fluctuate - maybe God has something profound for you to do or learn during this wait (although we all know that learning patience is no fun!!)

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