Saturday, April 29, 2006

Made the News!!

Here's an article printed in the paper in Lee's hometown!

May 1, 2006
Couple Awaiting Adopted Daughter from China
By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer, Herald Journal/Enterprise Dispatch

Infertility many times is perceived as a curse, but Lee Shelton, formerly of Dassel, and his wife Dawn, patiently await the blessings of their adopted daughter.

Shelton, son of former pastor Lee Shelton of Lake Jennie Covenant Church, met his wife Dawn at Northwestern College and were wed December of 1991.

After two failed pregnancies, and the uncertainty of a biological pregnancy, the Sheltons were presented two years ago with the idea of adoption.

They encountered a single mother who was considering giving her baby up for adoption, but later decided against it.

After this, Lee and Dawn began considering an adoption agency and found America World Adoption Association. ...

(Click here for the full article.)

Fun stuff, huh?! :)



Lisa & Jeff said...

How wonderful Dawn!

stacie said...

Way cool~ I like how they took lots of quotes from Lee and the website without taking information out of context.... hopefully this will somehow directly or indirectly bring another baby home!!! - Rock On!!! (Yay God!!)

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