Tuesday, April 25, 2006



I have apparently been "tagged" by another waiting mom whom I have not met but she introduced herself to me on email and we have been emailing each other while we wait for our girls. I am scared to give you her blog address since hers is infinitely more fun and entertaining than ours, but *sigh* here it is -- www.ourava.blogspot.com/.

Being tagged means I have to disclose six quirky things about myself. I have to narrow it down to SIX?? Here's what I came up with:

1. I CAN'T STAND IT when people don't wash their hands after a bathroom visit or before they eat. Icky disease spreaders!! I'm not a mom yet and I ALWAYS have handi-wipes in my purse!

2. I love animals so much that I will compromise my sleeping position so I don't have to move a dog or cat. I know. Don't even say anything.

3. I can't just relax and watch TV. I have to knit, read, do paperwork, or some other craft. Learned recently from my husband that running the sewing machine during viewing was a bit annoying.

4. I don't like to sit on the outside at a restaurant, movie theatre, church, etc. Also, prefer a booth at a restaurant, with my left side to the wall (?).

5. Lee says one of my quirks is that when I clean I even get bored with that. I don't finish one room and move on, I skip around. Dust one room, get bored, go do some dishes, get bored, go fold laundry, get bored. But at least I move around 'til it all gets done!!

6. No matter how hard I try I still can't see the bottom of my closet. I used to get in trouble for this growing up, but I still have the same problem!

Well, that's it. Hope we are all still friends.

Love, Dawn

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Lisa & Jeff said...

Good job Dawn! I thought you were never going to reveal yourself! #1,#2 & #6 I could have written myself! :)

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