Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Press on Chinese Adoption from CNN

    BEIJING, China (AP) -- China is imposing new restrictions on foreign adoptions, barring applicants who are unmarried, obese, over 50 or who take antidepressants, according to U.S. adoption agencies.

    The restrictions are meant to limit adoptions to "only the most qualified families," said the Web site of one agency, Harrah's Adoption International Mission in Spring, Texas.

    The agency said China has pledged to try to make more children available to those who qualify.

    The move comes amid a surge in foreign applications to adopt Chinese children. The United States is the No. 1 destination for children adopted abroad, but the number going to Europe and elsewhere is rising.

    An employee of the government-run China Center of Adoption Affairs, the agency that oversees foreign adoptions, said it has issued new guidelines but refused to confirm the details released by the American agencies. He wouldn't give his name.
People are asking us if these changes will affect us and the answer is no. For two reasons: One is that those who already have their LIDs (log-in dates) will be grandfathered in. Our LID is 3-13-06 so we are ok. Second, even if we weren't grandfathered in, we would still qualify. So, no worries! Please don't feel sorry for us regarding the wait. We are doing fine, in fact, better now than a few months ago. It is hard, yes, but we have total peace. We wish the same peace for other waiting families.

We will wait on the CCAA, but will not worry since REALLY we are waiting on the LORD.

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