Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It has been nine months since our Log-In Date and 16 months since we started this journey. Wish I had good news to share...

In an email from our adoption agency:

The wait time is currently around 15 months from "LID" (log-in date) to Referral. The wait time is always subject to increase or decrease, depending on the amount of paper-ready children the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) has available.

So, another delay! The referrals were coming in at 15 months anyway, so this was not a surprise (and notice it says "around 15 months"). So as it stands right now, the soonest we will hear anything is June 2007, although we are no longer getting our hopes up about anything at this point. Once bitten, twice shy...well, we fell for it more than twice and kept getting disappointed so our best psychological and emotional defense is a non-chalant **sigh** and a reminder once again that God is in control.

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Anonymous said...

I'll offer my *sigh* and a tear, too... The strength of the Lord is immeasurable, and it is obvious you are tapping into that strength.
Love you.

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