Friday, November 16, 2007

Sad News from China

From WILX News in Michigan:

    This picture, taken just days ago, shows an overjoyed Sandi and Dennis Sheldon, who have just adopted Hannah, a 17-month old special needs child in China.

    This picture will now be one of the few memories the family will ever have together.

    Dennis Sheldon died in China this week from diabetic shock, just days after being united with his new daughter.

    "These are one of those emotional things that just tear your heart out. It's hard enough losing a husband, now you have a baby who won't know their father," says Congressman Mike Rogers.

    If that weren't tragic enough, now the U.S. government is saying the family's status has changed, and they won't let Sandi bring the baby back home to Lansing until brand new paperwork has been filed.

    (Full story and video here.)
Dawn knows Sandi Sheldon through an online group of couples who are adopting from China, so this story hit close to home. Please remember this family in your prayers.


Andrea said...

I am soooo glad everything worked out... there is the grief on the one side and on the other so much joy...

My prayers and thought go with the family...


Kimmie said...


Though I have never met Sandi, I have been standing in the gap covering her in prayer.

I am so glad that God has blessed her with Hannah coming home today!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

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