Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Good-Sized Group of Referrals!!

America World is excited to announce that we received 20 referrals today for groups 243 and 244. (LID's 12/20/05 & 12/22/05) America World received 19 little girls & one little boy. The children ranged from 6 months to 37 months in age, and were from the Jiangxi, Gansu, Sichuan,and Guizhou Provinces. Please join America World in congratulating these families and pray for them as they prepare to travel and meet their new little ones!

Leah Rockey
Asia Family Coordinator

We are now heading into Chinese New Year so things will come to a stop for a bit, but our prayer is that they get through December 2005 very soon (we had all hoped they would get through 2005 in 2007) and get to MARCH 2006!!!

LID - log in date - March 13, 2006
Travel Group 252


Robby, Tonja & Caitlin said...

Hey, we are getting there. One group at a time. At least we are almost into 2006!!!!


Tracy said...

Yes, that is a nice sized group of referrals. Our agency had a good sized group this time, too.

Maddys Mom said...

Progress, yeah!! I hope they continue on the path to bigger batches.

P.S. You've been tagged, see my blog for details.

Barb P. said...

May the groups only get larger! and the waits start to decrease! Hopefully the New year will not slow things down too much! Hugs!

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