Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Cativersary!

Wow! It has been 16 years today since we found our cat...I mean, since he found us. It was only about 7 weeks after we were married and we pulled into the parking lot of our apartment building and right in our headlights as we parked was a skinny, (yes, at one time he was skinny) dirty orange kitty. I "accidentally" held the main door open for this kitty while Lee scolded me (some things never change). I "accidentally" held our apartment door open for him, too.

My rules-follower hubby said, "What if he belongs to somebody?" I said, "LOOK at this cat - he doesn't belong to anyone! He is so skinny and dirty! He needs food!" I told him I would run up and ask the manager if she knew anything about the cat. She said that she was told that if she saw that cat again, she was to call the pound, so keep the cat. We were both so excited!! Lee ran right out to the store and got litter and food. We had to bathe him and de-worm him as he was so filthy and had been eating anything he could find, and he didn't, um, smell so good for a while, but this has been the sweetest kitty we have ever had (yeah, ok, with Nika around, that isn't very stiff competition). Actually, he's the sweetest kitty I have ever known! He puts up with everything kids, dogs and Nika dish out. Little did we know that one day his nickname would be "Grandpa" as he is about 18 years old now.

So here's to you, old man! Happy Cativersary, Ezra!

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Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

My cat Garfield... who looks alot like your cat... well, he was 18 when I had put him to sleep as he had bad arthritis and he couldn't move... I got my cat when he wasn't a kitten and wasn't a full grown cat... he was the BEST friend I had who never once let me down and was always there for me... your cat is a cutey... hope you have alot more time with him... take care

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