Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Referrals for China

China only processed TWO days of paperwork this month, which I would call a monumental disappointment, but what is another month after all this time?

AWAA, our agency, received three referrals for group 249. Group 249 once had 12 families in it, so nine switched to special needs, dropped out, or "other". We are group 252, so only three travel groups ahead of us. We are guessing we will get our referral in March, but will let you know next month if that prediction changes yet again.


Greg's Wife said...

Dawn, I'm so sorry for yet another delay. You guys have dealt with so much and my heart hurts for you! I am going to be all the more diligent in praying for you guys. Enough is enough!

Seriously, people "dropped out" after all this time- when they will probably get their referral next month? Am I misunderstanding something? I'm confused.

amy said...

craziness i tell you. keep the faith

Tracy said...

Ugh - well, you know how I feel about it. Just ugh ugh ugh. But you are hanging in there and I know you know - it will all be so worth it ;)


Tracy said...

Oh - and I know someone who dropped out in December 2006, and they would have gotten their referral in April 2007. That is just crazy to me. I don't get that.

Vivian M said...

I don't understand how this process works anymore, but I am praying time goes by quickly!

Robby, Tonja and Caitlin said...

Yeah, I logged in our 32 months into this wait also. It really stinks. I am really hoping that you get your referral in March. I hope that we get ours in February. But one thing I've learned over the last 32 months is to expect the unexpected. I just hope it is sooner rather than lady.

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