Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silent Auction Pics!!

Some pre-auction photos:

Gianni stopped by! She is a senior in high school now, but I took care of her from three months to 4 years of age. She is my baby!! We love her sooo much and it was great to see her!
I made some purses and tutus to sell...
and some hats (and bibs and little nuzzly taggie quilts)

Some of the bidders (and diners!)

Folks checking out the items!

The kids all piled into one booth for a dvd and coloring! Thanks to the Strassburgs for thinking of this idea!

Thanks everyone!!!


Greg's Wife said...

Wish I could have been there. I hope you made a mint for your adoptions!

Tracy said...

Charlotte had so much fun at the kiddie table!

Vivian M said...

That loooked like fun! WIsh we could have been there!

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