Saturday, February 07, 2009


The one good thing about the actual PROCESS of adopting from Haiti is that it's making us appreciate the Chinese process. We moved out of the first stage for Haiti on August 6th. We never dreamed that SIX MONTHS LATER we would still be waiting to ENTER stage two. We try to stay positive, folks, but we are only human. This anniversary SMARTS.

Here again is the process for Haiti. All wait times are approximate and often are longer. Not included here is the wait time BETWEEN the steps:
  1. First Legal - 1 to 4 weeks. WE MADE IT THROUGH IN JUST LESS THAN 2.5 WEEKS.
  2. IBESR is next, which takes anywhere from 3 to 12 months
  3. Second Legal - 1 to 4 weeks.
  4. Then comes Parquet- 1 to 14 months. The official wait time is 2-4 months, but people have waited 7-8 months there.
  5. MOI- It's supposed to take 1 to 3 months. Apparently 5-6 months is more likely.
  6. Visas issued - This used to take a few days or maybe weeks. Now it is taking 5 months or more for American adoptions. It is due to a problem with the US Consulate in Haiti. Visas are issued by the Canadian consulate in 24 hours or less. The French consulate, less than one week.
At least with China there is some way to gauge the time-frame. This is a taxing process for Haiti, and in a country where there are so many kids who need forever homes, we pray that the process gets better and FASTER! FOR EVERYONE!!!


Lisa said...

We must be right at about the same place in the process as you. Are you in Parquet? We exited IBESR July 21. Yes, the wait is gruelling, not knowing how long each step might take.

Oh - and I think you have 2nd Legal and Parquet switched around in order.

AZMom said...

Oh gosh..I would go insane! You know we are here right next to you though!!

Jodie said...

The cheese grater reminds me of stories I've read about punishments.

Sorry your process has seemed to have stalled, too.

(BTW, I saw your ticker and it may not be a good idea to post exactly when you're going to Haiti for everyone's safety.)

Jennifer said...

My sweet friend xo. I wont say anything like "hang in there" or "God never gives you more than you can handle" or "It's all going to be o.k.." cuz none of that really helps, but I will tell you, I love, respect, and appreciate who you are.. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Dawn S. said...

Thanks, Lisa. Here is the process in the correct order:
1. First Legalization
2. IBESR (Haitian Social Services)
3. Parquet (Civil Court)
4. Second Legalization (Ministry of Justice)
5. Minister of Interior Affairs
6. Haitian Immigration (Passport)

Katy said...

AMEN!!! That pic describes it perfectly.... I also had an awful time getting into IBESR, so I feel your pain. Now I just want OUT! Sigh.

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