Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Haiti, Day Four

I asked Lee to put some aloe vera on my back and within seconds Patricia hopped up and gently rubbed it on my back. If you look at my hand, it is holding Philippe's hand.And here is the rest of him. Doesn't that look like a face of a boy who needs a mama?
View of the mountains from our hotel
We brought a ice cream bucket and a kit to make a stone cast of their handprints
Swimming with the kids

Here is this picture but focused on the kids. They are both smiling big smiles at their Papa!
We got some cute pictures

A little personality from Philippe...
We enjoyed spending time with a new-found friend, Sandy. And our kids love playing together.
Here are Angelo and Angela again
We had an extra cake from Patricia's birthday so we had fun sharing it with other families and staff at the hotel
We have decided that their homecoming presents will be those kid-friendly digital cameras! It will be neat to see America from their perspective. It was cool to find pictures on the camera that neither Lee nor I took...even though they were told NOT to touch the camera :)

More to come!


mshel333 said...

Still enjoying your pictures and look forward to seeing any more you might have. But looking forward more to seeing our babes in person!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Every little boy needs his mum but then again... all kids need their parents (or parent)...

Kathy Cassel said...

The girls (Jaedyn and Jasmine) both wanted to put that cake in their little carts at the grocery store. That would have been interesting : )

It's fun to see their personalities emerge.

CG said...

For sure. He needs his mama! Did you hear that Haiti? HURRY UP!

It would be super fun to find extra pics on the camera. They will surely LOVE getting their own! You better send down about 5 million batteries.

Jinglebritches said...

Love the clandestine picts!! They only touched the camera a "little bit".

Jenna said...

oh man, philippe LOVES his mama!!!

Katy said...

LOVING the pics!!! They are SO beautiful....and obviously God matched them perfectly to your family. =)

AmyO said...

Looks like that Haiti sun was stronger than our MN sun! Ouch! So sweet that she wanted to put lotion on you.

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