Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Catch Up Post...

I don't know how on earth I missed blogging this trip from October 2007, but I had to go back to my 2007 photos to make this injustice right! The only thing I can think of is that my mom was getting chemo at that time and I wasn't feeling great myself. Regardless, I am blogging this NOW!! My BFF Margie and I flew to Texas to surprise our other BFF, Mindy for our "25th Friendiversary". We arrived at a swimming practice to a screaming, jumping, very happy Mindy.

Here is me with Mindy in 1984

Me and Margie in 1987

We had a wonderful weekend reminiscing, laughing, dining, getting our nails done, and just enjoyed being together!

Margie and Mindy told me a long time ago that when the time was right, they wanted to host a baby shower for me. Figuring that we would get our referral the first week of May, we planned the shower for May 23. When we weren't hearing anything, I was starting to wish we hadn't scheduled it yet, but we got the call on May 21st, and Olivia's picture on the 22nd! Perfect timing! Shower pictures to come soon! It was a lovely party!

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Trish said...

The timing couldn't have been better if you'd planned the whole thing! Still so sad I had to miss it. We'll catch up soon!

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