Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

We are by no means grammar or word experts, but we just have to get this off our chests. Lee and I enjoy talking with each other about weird words and weird things people say. Ok, maybe we are "word nerds" but we accept the label.

There is no such word as "fustrated" or "flustrated". The word is frustrated. There is also flustered. But they are two different words.

There is no such word as "acrossed". The word is "across". This might just be a midwestern thing, we are not sure. But all we know, is that the dog swam all the way across the lake. Not all the way acrossed the lake.

There is no such word as "irregardless". It's "regardless", regardless of when, where or how you use it.

There is no such word as "supposably". I am sure you all know that! It is supposedly.

There is no "A" in definitely. This word is misspelled alllll the time. You can remember because it comes from FINITE.

And then there is "a whole 'nother" as in, "Oh, that's a whole 'nother story". There is no such word as "nother". It should be "a whole other story" or "that's another story".

The rule for you're, can't, couldn't, etc, is that the apostrophe goes where the letter would have (that is would HAVE not would OF) gone. For you're, it is in place of the A in "you are" and for can't, it is in place of the O in "cannot", etc.

It is "taken aback" - As in, "I was taken aback to hear that" - not "taken back"

If you are talking about someone who has died, they passed away. Past is used for time references, as in, "in the past, I have passed the food on the table to the right".

People LIE, things LAY. I still mess this one up and tell my dogs to LIE down. oops. You can remember this one, because people actually DO lie. Too bad.

One (other) thing that bugs me is that people don't know when/how to use the adverb. For example, "It worked fabulous!" should be "It worked fabulously!" or "The furniture was placed odd" should be "The furniture was placed oddly" or "Drive safe" instead of "Drive safely".

So that's it from the Wordy Wednesday post. Maybe we should have waited until the weekend and called it "Soapbox Saturday" but either way, we're done :)


mshel333 said...

Will you borrow me your grammar book? I seen it when I was at your house one day.

mshel333 said...

Another one is "ya'll" when it is actually "y'all" (apostrophe is in place of ou).

Anonymous said...

Nice! I ain't ever herd such nonsense in my hole life!


Jenna said...

i was doing so well until you mention "that's a whole 'nother story". i'm pretty sure i use that one. "acrossed" drives me nuts (mainly because my husband doesn't think it's that big of a deal and says it now and then. grrr.)

Beth said...

LOVE IT!!!! I have so many language pet peeves. How about "alot" v. A LOT.'s TWO words people! hahaha

Well spoken Shelton Family!

Carlee said...

Ha, ha, ha and hee, hee, hee. I too am very bothered by poor grammar. I try not to correct people unless it is blatant, but I do cringe inwardly.

However, I do have to disagree on one. "Supposably" is a word, but it is NOT interchangeable with "supposedly," which of course is how most people use it.

As a Essay Grader (really, that's my job), my new pet peeve is when texting lingo is substituted for real words, such as: u, thru, lol... Seriously, kids, you can't write that in your paper!

Lee Shelton said...

As "a" essay grader? ;)

Lee Shelton said...

Your...I mean, you're right, Carlee. "Supposably" is technically a word (as in something that is capable of being supposed), but the only time I ever hear it used is in place of "supposedly." Actually I can't really think of a correct usage of "supposably."

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