Friday, August 18, 2006

Am I A Mama Yet?

My little friend Zoe, just celebrated her 4th birthday a few weeks ago. She keeps asking me, "Miss Dawn, are you a mama yet?" And I say, "No, not yet", to which her mom, Sandy, says, "Yes you are!"

Well, for my birthday this year Lee gave me a slice of French Silk Pie (mmmm, my faaaavorite) with a candle in it. He knows I have to blow out a candle on my birthday!!

But the gift he gave me made me feel like I am already a mama because the items were really for Olivia. It was a wash puppet & hoodie towel wrap from Pottery Barn Kids - something I wanted to get her but felt that it was a little too spendy. (Good thing he got it,too, because it is already discontinued.)

Here is a picture of the hoodie:

I liked it because it looked like a particular rug-rat that is laying on my feet at this moment...June!

So what are the opinions out there? Am I already a mama? Are "regular" pregnant women already moms when they are pregnant? What say you?


Ruthi said...

i saw happy mothers day early! Ruthi...who is becoming a mama for the 7th time this winter! congrats!

Bekah Mommy to Katie and Cordie said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm Bekah mother of two BEAUTIFUL babies from China. And to answer your question YES hun your a Mama. Your paper pregnant right now but somewhere in China your heart wanders when your sleeping or thinking of your daughter waiting.As with "normal" pregnancies you have all the emotional roller coaster mood swings and days when you feel her so much you could almost stroke her hair and kiss her soft baby cheeks.
Congrats Dawn hope to hear that you are togerther soon with your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a mama - a paper pregnant one! Unfortunately, we just have a very long gestation period right now, but you have a mama's heart - baby in arms or not. Annette

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