Monday, August 28, 2006

Time Flies!

So, tell me this, why does the clock seem to tick while we wait for word from China?

Because time obviously flies since my niece Kerra is off to the same college that I attended **GULP** the year she was born! I am literally twice her age!

Ask me how I feel about THAT! Go Ahead!

From left it is Kerra, my niece, with roommates Emily & Amy.

My brother, Paul & wife Roxanne, sending their oldest off to college.

So while I hope that I can see Olivia soon, I hope the next 18 years don't go as fast as the last 18!



I just got word that my niece Melinda, from CA is officially engaged! Here is a picture:

The wedding will be in February and then they will be Michael and Melinda Rose!

To the left is their pup Virginia, sticking out her tongue at the camera!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Little Kerra Ah-ah?! College already? Wow. I am feeling very old.

I hope the wait for Olivia is very fast and then time slows for you!

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