Friday, September 15, 2006

It's time...

My mom taught me, by word and deed, to pay attention to God's creation in nature. I remember in high school, she called me outside to see a stickbug. She said, "Doesn't God have a great sense of humor?" I thought it was kind of cool then, but, ok, I'm gonna go back inside now, mom. After all I was in high school! But I have never seen one since. I am so glad she took the time to show me that. She taught me to notice the different sounds of the birds, God's touch in the trees - with how many different shapes of leaves and shades of green there are, and to just be aware of nature.

It was with a smile on my face then, when three days in a row now, I have seen different flocks of Canadian Geese flying south for the winter. I don't know if I would pay attention to it if it weren't for my mom. I glanced at other people as they flew overhead -- no one noticed. Maybe that seems silly to some, but I am grateful for my "awareness". I also noticed the first tree turning red. Beautiful.
Of course part of the reason I am ok with the trees changing and the birds flying south is because the faster fall comes, the faster winter comes and then spring and then CHINA?? But also, there is something funny that happens to we Minnesotans this time of year. We grow tired of the shorts and flip-flops and yearn for the sweaters and boots. Many don't understand this odd transformation, or the desire for it, and perhaps you have to live in a cold climate to get it. But it's time. Time for the cozy nights sipping cocoa by the fireplace. Time to watch the leaves fall fast and furiously. Time to speculate when the snow may fall. Time for marshmallow roasts. Time to "hunker down" and enjoy playing games or reading a book, or my favorite winter hobby, knitting. Enjoy!!


Cari said...

As a fellow Minnesotan, i get it. I am so ready for the earlier nights, the fireplace, the silence in a big snowfall. I love our seasons!

Anonymous said...

As another fellow Minnesotan I get it as well. We have a 2/17/06 LID so I'm very anxious to get to Spring 07. I hate to wish my life away but some things are worth the wishing.


Anonymous said...

As a native Minnesotan, I may get it, ...however as a transplanted Californian, I can only imagine it!!
You write beautifully li'l Sis.
Love, Waynie

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