Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SIX Months Down!

Well, it was supposed to be half way, but now that the wait has once again been extended, we'll just celebrate that we are SIX MONTHS DOWN!! And, really, it's half way to SOMETHING!!

Most definitely our baby Olivia is born now, which is a strange realization. We pray protection over her constantly. If we get a referral in March and she is six months old at referral, then she has been born or will be born this month. If she is older at referral, then she is already here!!

We celebrated the big day by having a picnic with a few AWAA friends and their kids. Two of the families have been wonderful mentors to us, the Strassburgs, who have two daughters from China, Maya and Shayla; and Brennans, parents to Zoe, also from China (they also have three older bio kids). The last family we celebrated with is the Woykes, the family who lives a few blocks away. We have the same LID (log-in date) and are in the same travel group. The have two young bio kids, Celia and Barak. Kiah, our god-daughter, came with us.

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

The kids helped to decorate the dessert with a big number six on it for the Shelton's and Woyke's six month log-in date anniversary!

Please pray for all the waiting babies and families!


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