Saturday, October 13, 2007

19 Months and Counting

It has been 19 months into our 6-8 month wait! That means we are 25 months pregnant!!

Here are the answers to a few more commonly asked questions:

What is the CCAA? China Center for Adoption Affairs.

What is a referral? WHAT WE ARE WAITING FOR! A referral is when the CCAA actually matches us to a child, and then we receive information on Olivia - what province she is from, how old she is, her picture, etc.

What is an LID? Log In Date - When the CCAA logs you into their system.

What is your LID again? Our LID is 3-13-06 - the time-frame counts down from this date - so when it was 6-8 months, we could "estimate" when we might get a referral. Because of the unpredictable wait, we are no longer able to estimate that.

When do you think you will be going to China? AHHH, the million dollar question...we still have no idea, but what we are now hoping to get our referral by Spring. Then, we have a 6-8 week wait before we travel.

PLEASE PRAY that China will not shut down adoptions because of the OLYMPICS!! We also don't really want to travel around that time since it will likely be crowded and much more expensive, but at this point we will go whenever we can!!

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Tracy said...

Hey - it was great meeting you two yesterday! And yes, I have been to your blog many time before :)


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