Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our New Friends Have Their Baby!!

We met our new friends, Adam and Tracy, a few weeks ago at a Minnesota Red Thread get together. Before that, we were cyber-pals, introduced by a former customer of mine! We have been waiting with them and following their journey. They got their referral after a 21 month wait. They are currently in China and just got their baby, Charlotte! The picture right above is the moment Charlotte is being handed to her Mommy! She is 13 months old, is already walking and has 8 teeth!
Here is a link to their blog:
Here is a link to Flickr where they have some wonderful pictures posted:
Congratulations guys!


Unknown said...

how precious!!!!

Jenny said...

makes me cry. just seeing the pictures. I don't even know them!!!! Love you.

AmyO said...

Congrats Adam & Tracy (I know them too). So are you in MN? We just got back in June with our daughter.

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