Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fun Day!

On Saturday the 15th we went to a meeting for Minnesota families who have already adopted or are in the process of adopting through America World. It was great meeting new friends and we had a common bond immediately. We also got to meet our social worker for the first time and she is fabulous.

One amazing tidbit is that we met a couple who said that they, too, lived in North Minneapolis. Turns our they live on our STREET -- only three blocks north of us! Also amazing, of the four families who are "in the process", we were the two families adopting from China -- and we were seated right next to each other! Their names are Todd and Jen and they have two small children, Celia and Barak. I spent some time with her today and we are all planning on getting our passports together tomorrow. We are at about the same pace with the paperwork and hope we travel to China at the same time! Only God knows, but everyone at the meeting felt that this was a God-ordained circumstance!

One of the moms, Kris, took some pictures, and we have permission from the parents to post them, so as soon as we get them we will do just that!

Love to all!

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