Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Some good news, some bad

Ok, I talked to our social worker today and she got her license from the state of MN, so we are all set to start the home study process!! Yeah!! This is very good news!

On the flip side, we are still on "hold" with Lee's birth certificate--our agency (AWAA) says they will assist us by contacting their Chinese liaison if New Orleans doesn't open a new vital records office soon.

For more good news, we are looking forward to a get-together this Saturday with other AWAA parents who have either already adopted or are in the process, and our first official meeting with the social worker (Stacy) is on Friday the 28th. There are a bunch of things we need to accomplish before that meeting.

And some bad news, we are sad to say that Lee's Grandpa Robertson passed away on Sunday. He was nearly 90 and was ready to go, but it's still hard. Sadly he may be an indirect victim of Hurricane Katrina. He had to be evacuated from his nursing home after days with no power, and he got sick during that time with pnemonia and an infection. We are VERY grateful that we got to see him on our trip to New Orleans last November. Please keep the Robertson clan in your prayers.

To end on a good note, here is some humor. When I was filling out our paperwork for the adoption, it asked for "parent's names". I started to put my folks' names when I realized that Lee and I are the parents!

More soon!

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