Sunday, October 23, 2005


Hi everybody! Hey, don't forget to leave a's easier now; Lee removed the sign-up thingy. It'd be nice to know who's dropping by and it would also be encouraging to me.

So, I got my birth certificate! That was only a couple of days, not a couple of weeks! We are going to go get our passports tomorrow (Monday) so that will be another item to check off!

Regarding Lee's birth certificate our account coordinator at AWAA, Tabitha, said that she heard that New Orleans folks can now get their BC's from any vital records office, so I am gonna check on that!! If that is correct we are on our way!

We got the paperwork back from our doctor but there were some things filled out incorrectly and some other things missing. I will have to set up another meeting with them to get the info corrected. One funny mistake was the answer to this question for Lee's report, "Is the applicant's state of health suitable for raising a child?" And they actually put "NO"!!!! I am quite certain that this was an oversight!

I overheard Lee on the phone talking to his best friend Chris, and it was really fun hearing him tell different stories about what is going on and how excited he is about this! We pray for her every night. Whoever she is, wherever she is, if she has already been born, if she is on the way...only God knows which little girl is coming home to our house!

Keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Just got off the phone with my cousin Kyra who lives in FL. They are being hammered by hurricane Wilma. Trees down across the street from them but so far they are safe. During our conversation (she was on an old-fashioned phone that needs no electricity), I mentioned the adoption and she said their niece and husband in Tennessee are in the middle of the China adoption process. Kyra is going to contact them to see if they are using the same agency. Wouldn't it be great if you (we!) all get to go over to China in the same group! I'll let you know what I find out. Good news about Lee's birth certificate!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you all know that we are praying with you. Can't wait to see my new little granddaughter!! Continue to look to the Lord, He will strengthen and grant wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Yay I can comment now! :-) I'm praying for my niece and her new parents every day!

I can't wait to go get her with you guys! :-)

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