Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Fundraising Garage Sale! (and Mama Update!)

Several weeks ago, we started going from room to room clearing out things we no longer used or needed to make room for three more people in this house. In short order it turned into the very real need to have a garage sale. So we had a sale on Saturday and raised another $250 to go toward the adoptions. We sold bottled water and baked goods, too.

I added everything up just for the adoptions (all three kids) and it comes to about $60,000...probably more. This includes fees for the US government; fees to get documents; to get documents certified, apostilled, sealed, etc.; translation fees; foreign government fees; agency fees; fingerprinting fees; homestudy fees; re-fingerprinting fees; homestudy updates; travel fees; etc, etc. You will get bored if you aren't already, and I don't want to lose you here. The bottom line is that every bit of money we can raise helps!
On the phone with my mother-in-law who called to see how it was all going.

We had us some HIGH drama during the sale. A HUGE turtle was trying to cross the four lane county road next to our street. A customer asked for a snow shovel and picked the turtle up and put him back on the side of the road. After he did this, he said that the turtle will probably try to cross again since he wanted to get where he was going. I told my dad this and we wondered why the man didn't just carry him across to where he was headed. Dad said, go check on Mr. Turtle and see if he was indeed trying to cross back. I looked into the woods. Didn't see him. Huh. I guess he didn't decide to cross the street. I turned around to go back and almost stepped on the guy. Ugly, huh? Look at that TAIL!! He had to be 40 or 50 years old.

So, Daddy came to the rescue and this time we put him on the OTHER side of the road.

Up close of Mr. Turtle's Wild Ride
For just being rescued from certain death he wasn't very grateful. Here he is looking at my Dad and giving him the business.

Shortly thereafter, Mama spotted this little critter trying to cross, too. Where are all the turtles headed? Is there a convention in town? So my friend, Carla the vet, and I, go get him and take him across the four lane road. All of a sudden Abby is there. WHA?? My poor Mom nearly had a heart attack watching Abby run after us and cross that road. She hasn't gotten her voice back fully since all the Mama Drama so her "yelling" at Abby to stop did nothing. Mom said there were tons of cars (there are four-way stops, not lights, nearby) and then a clearing and she bolted across in those few seconds where there were no cars. We are so thankful she didn't get hit by a car. I suppose if she had I would have been grateful that our vet was with me, but thankfully it wasn't that situation.

Here is Abby, resting on a rug in the driveway (sold it!) Behind is the four lane road.

Lastly, here is the latest picture of my MOM!! Doesn't she look FAB? Her hair is really coming in and it is more wavy than it was before.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Turtle Whisperer, I remember that movie. Great flick.

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

We have turtles trying to cross the road everyday near my house... it isn't rare to have someone stop and take the turtle across the road... though some people take it to where it just left from... ummm... take care

Greg's Wife said...

Yay for the money you made!

Yuck! That is one UGLY turtle!

Yahoo that mom is doing so well!

Christy said...

Your mom looks great!!

Tracy said...

Funny! Adam saved a turtle the pther day - somewhere in between the size of the two you posted.

Jenn said...

Oh, a baby turtle! I have wanted one for a while. The big one? Not so much, lol. I laughed at this comment:

Here he is looking at my Dad and giving him the business.


Grace and peace :)

GrizzlyAdam said...

Weird! I rescued the same type of turtle doing the same thing about a week ago. Charlotte was very proud of me.

Super pic of your mom - woohoo!

Vivian M said...

Too funny about the turtle! Your Mom looks fantastic.

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