Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Prime Minister Ratified in Haiti

Haitians pay dearly for political gridlock
Haiti's latest political crisis has cost the country millions in foreign aid, jobs and investments, and time lost.

Michèle Pierre-Louis, ratified Thursday as Haiti's Prime Minister

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The $74 million contract to pave the rutted highway in Haiti's Central Plateau region should have been signed last month. American investors should be pouring in after Congress gave the ailing textile industry a boost. And a third of the Haitian Senate should have been elected by now. Instead, Haiti remains paralyzed by almost four months of political gridlock that is costing the impoverished nation millions in foreign aid, badly needed jobs and investments and priceless time.

Efforts to end the stalemate stalled Wednesday after several senators failed to show up to vote on economist Michèle Pierre-Louis' nomination to become prime minister. Haiti has been without a prime minister since April 12 when food riots led to the firing of Jacques-Edouard Alexis and his government.

To read the rest of the article (please do) click HERE. Please pray for Michele Pierre-Louis and Haiti in the coming months as the new PM will be appointing people in many government positions. Please pray for adoption-friendly, uncorruptable people to be placed in those jobs! Hey, while you are at it, will you pray for the Chinese government and the US government, too?


kayder1996 said...

I thought I had read this somewhere else too but then I didn't see it anywhere else so I wasn't sure. Hopefully, she will be an asset to the government. Praying for that...

Greg's Wife said...

Thanks for the link. I certainly hope things change in Haiti and that people of integrity will fill all the open positions.

My larger prayer is that the people of that land will turn their hearts to the Lord and stop looking to men and false gods to solve their problems.

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