Monday, August 11, 2008

Behind on Birthday Bash Blogging 1

We were invited to the Divine Miss Z's birthday party. Last year she didn't have a party because she was on her way to China to get her brother. We so love get togethers with Jinglebritches and the clan. With Miss Z, you never know what on earth she is going to say or do.

Big Brother, showing off some moves. He now speaks English better than I. I mean me. Umm, wait...

Lee, Me and Nana, Jenny's foreign exchange student, who is Chinese. She came along with us for the party.

Nana eating her first gummy worm. Her life is complete.

I have to admit, besides being in touch with my inner child, I have no idea what up-to-date, current toys excite the average 6-year-old. So I was pretty happy when our gift, Hungry, Hungry Hippos was a hit. She was so cute, she said, "Oh, this is what I have always wanted!"

The Divine Miss Z shows off her muscles

We had a great time. Miss Z is such a joy, as is the entire Jinglebritches family. See you guys again soon and WE LOVE YOU!!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

That party looks like so much fun... I remember Hungary, Hungary, Hippo... never knew it was still around... that is fun... and noisy...

Kathy Cassel said...

What precious pictures.

Jinglebritches said...

Thanks for posting and the nice words. It WAS a lot of fun!!! We need to get together more!!!! Love you

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