Saturday, September 06, 2008

Final Chapter in Blogger Catch-up (I think!)

My dear friend Mindy (pictured with me last October), moved to Texas a few years ago, but her sister and parents still live in the Cities. Recently, her two oldest daughters came by themselves for a visit. We were honored that they wanted to see us. We only had a short time with them, but we went to the park for a bluegrass festival and played Bocce Ball. It was super fun to see them and see how they are growing up. We miss seeing them regularly!

Coco, on the swings...

...Dani, in a tree. :)


My cousin Criss, (in green) drove out from Ohio with her family to bring her son, Aaron, to Northwestern. We had dinner with them at Perkins with my folks and then went over the college to see Aaron. Tonight I texted him so see if he needed anything from Target...thinking that maybe it would be laundry detergent, mac and cheese, etc. and all he wanted was milk and Oreos. Isn't that adorable? :)

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