Friday, September 12, 2008


Please, oh, please take the two minutes to watch this slide show. I know it is hard to see the images but imagine this being the country which your children are from. Where they are waiting for you to come and get them. SOOOOO far away. So close. A two hour flight from Miami.

Haiti is struggling. Our children's orphanage, Maison des Enfants de Dieu, otherwise called FHG for For His Glory, is struggling. They are under tremendous financial pressure. Thank the Lord that the children here are safe and have remained so through storm after storm. However, there is no charcoal to be found in all of Port-au-Prince, so they had to drive a great distance to buy some so that they could cook for the kids. With petrol in Haiti at $17 per gallon, this was a massive expense. Water has to be trucked into the orphanage for drinking, bathing, flushing toilets, washing clothes and dishes, and this is an expense. They have rent to pay and the list goes on.
Will you please consider making a small donation? Even a STARBUCKS sized donation?? The average annual income in Haiti is $60.00. You have SEEN the devastation and major challenges they are facing. What can you spare today? A smidgy? A dot? A latte?

All you have to do is send a check to Celebrate Children International, which is our adoption agency. They are working on gathering donations to send to the orphanage.

Please mark on a note along with your check (not on the check itself) that this is for FHG Humanitarian Aid. You will receive a tax donation receipt.

Celebrate Children International, Inc.
1757 W. Broadway St. Suite #5
Oviedo, FL 32765-8125


Salzwedel Family said...

Praying that all of the needs of the orphanage are met. I know our O is asking for donations as well at this time.

We think times are tough here, but they are magnified so much more in Haiti.

Greg's Wife said...

I too, am praying for His provision. Such sad times. I lived in Houston when Katrina hit, and people were falling all over each other to help those victims- when they were already getting free government assistance. I can't help noticing the contrast :( Is it due to lack of news coverage? Our of sight, Out of mind? I wish I could do more to help.

Jenna said...

you're a good mama and daddy. we watched the slide show. i'm glad your children are safe. this is quite some training. teaching them to drive will feel like a piece of cake compared to watching and waiting. may the Lord supply all the orphanage needs. may he draw you near as you wait on Him. and may he be their fortress and shelter always...and especially now!

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