Friday, September 05, 2008

WAAAAAAAAAY Behind on Bloggin' (aka, LAZY bloggin')

Ok, so this is the laziest blogging I have ever done, but I just am so far behind, so I am sending you to OTHER blogs!! I am sooooo terrible!!! (Ah, but crafty, and I delight in my craftiness.)

Click HERE to see pics of my great-nieces' birthday party (yes, GREAT-nieces). This is my oldest brother's, oldest son's wife's blog (the creator of Foody Friday) Jenny also just so happens to be one of my very best friends. She doesn't have a sister, and I never had a little sister, so since we are already family and feel like sisters, we call each other "Faux" for "faux sister" (Holy cow, that is the most times I have ever typed the word SISTER in a sentence.) Click HERE to see what an awesome auntie that I am :) Jenny, Yerrrr the best-y.

Since we could NEVER figure out a good time/place to take Nana to karaoke (and oh, how we tried, right, girls?) we ended up going bowling. Jenny was out of town for a wedding (whine, pout) so we missed her! Hubby rescued us since it was a last minute idea by bringing us all socks, and me a pair of capris! Thanks again, Lee!

Jenna is pictured below. Please notice where her bowling ball is in comparison to the pins... :)

Here I am with Youki and Nana. I miss them! :(

Click HERE to see more of our bowl-a-rama night, as I direct you to Jenna's blog. I hesitate to do so since Jenna is way more stinkin' clever and funny than I will ever be.

Click HERE to see more on the good-bye to Nana ("Jenny and I kept singing to her, Nana Nana, Nana Nana, Hey hey hey, goodbye"). Back to Jenny's blog. She has some very funny posts, so be sure to check it out. Just don't forget about my blog after the Jenny and Jenna blogs! Personal blog is good enough, my blog is good blog is, ok, never mind. Go click the hyperlinks and have a good day!


Jenny said...

What are you stinkin' talkin' 'bout. You are an awesome bloggy-er.

I have terrible grammer, can't spel, can't add g's to the end of my words, and talk in run on sentences with lots of commas. And I inspire comments like "You're so funny."


SO glad you're back! Can't wait to see you!


Jenna said...

Wow. AT first, I was like, that's a lot of posts to catch up on. And after being entertained for a few minutes, I was all caught up on your blog. Great feeling. On top of that, you said really nice things about me. Thanks. I'm not all that clever. You know that half the time I don't even know what's rolling off my tongue...or is it lips? dang it. or am I thinking of the tip of the tongue? crap. anyways...
bowling was fun. it wouldn't have been fun if you weren't there to lip sync Bohemian Rhapsody with me...shortly before changing your duds IN the parking lot...and going by "cha cha" all night.
you rock.

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