Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vacation, Day 6 - Grand Canyon!

In 1898 a hotel called the Grandview was built next to Grand Canyon. Early tourists rode horse and buggy to get here, something I can't imagine as it is quite a ways off the main road. Reminded me again about how much we complain about stuff when we have it so good.

Lee kept creeping closer and closer to the edge and I hollered, "Any farther and I'm divorcing you!" and a woman walking by said, "You sound like ME!" He scared me a few times that day!!

It was breath-taking and each stop along the way had a different view and something new to offer.

I was just a lucky little devil on this photo. I was going to take a picture of Lee standing there and then the bird flew in. It was really cool!

Apparently the elk are quite used to people as they were eating about five feet away from some folks and were about 10 feet away from us!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, great pictures. Truly the earth's is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.

Jenny said...

AWESOME! Your little point and shoot camera seriously takes some great pics.

Kathy C. said...


Jinglebritches said...

Great picts!! Rico and I went to the Grand Canyon/ Sedona for our 25 year anniversary. Gorgeous!! God is good!!!

Love you to pieces!

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