Friday, March 27, 2009

Haiti, Day One

Arriving in Haiti

Loading our luggage into a tap-tap

Following our luggage to the hotel
Then we got a tour of Cite Soleil, inappropriately named "The City of Sun",

There is a strong UN presence here

It is called the most dangerous place on earth by the UN. The average home in this area is 5x5 or 8x8.

After the tour of Cite Soleil, we went to the orphanage. The kids were all singing to greet us when we arrived and Patricia and I both saw each other right away, smiled and gave each other a small, simultaneous nod. It was an instant connection and the fact that we both had the same reaction made me smile even bigger. We were told we had to wait to go to them until the other kids were removed, so they both came up to the porch wall of wrought iron and were looking at us and we were looking at them and it was so hard to wait with them reaching their arms through the openings of the wall. Well, the chaos of removing the other kids took too long for some and kids were coming out to their parents. Patricia was first to come to us because Philippe was also told to wait and he didn't even see her come out. She hugged us both right away and then called to him. A minute later we got this picture, from the other post:

This picture was taken right after our first family photo. We were only there a few minutes! We sat down on the porch and the first thing Patricia did was grab my camera and she took this picture herself!

Thanks to our pal Kathy, we have a shot of us looking at this picture on the camera!

Patricia also took this photo:

Of course our hearts melted when she showed us this!

Philippe took this picture

They wanted us to meet their nanny

As you can see she immediately took to her Daddy! And you can see that she is playing with his hair! They LOVED playing with our hair. She didn't like it when Lee's hair was spiked up and was always mashing it down. If you know anything about him, he does NOT like people touching his hair, but he didn't care about that with them!

This is Lee's favorite picture. You can see that they are both so proud! Patricia is looking over at her friends!

Can't remember who took this, but I think it was one of the other kids

Philippe showing us where he sleeps - on the top bunk. I worried that he didn't have a mattress, but we were told that all the kids have mattresses, but that they often take them off the beds during the day

Patricia showing us her bed. If you look, you can see that there is a top sheet on the bed - it stretches over three or four beds

They ran into the room and jumped on the hotel bed within seconds!

We didn't bring out any toys the first day, just books and coloring books.

Patricia fell asleep on Lee's lap at the devotional time.

This is a great sign of trust!

Our first family dinner - Patricia is hamming it up with her spaghetti hanging out of her mouth!

Sweet perfection

We could not believe we were looking at our kids sleeping!

What good humor this is! He slept 10 hours this night and we still had to wake him!

More to come!


Jennifer said...

I'm in tears.. Absolutely more than one could have ever hoped for. They are amazing kids and you are beautiful parents and together you all make one priceless family. I am bursting with love for you all. xoxoxoxoxo

Lena Wright said...

Thanks for sharing this! What a beautiful family-what an amazing experience. I love it.

Bill and Christina said...

Great pictures!


Salzwedel Family said...

Crying now...

Thanks for sharing this special time of meeting your beautiful kids.

Greg's Wife said...

I know the Lord chooses all our children, but it is so NEAT to see just how yours P & P really are! It is obvious in every photograph that you guys are a family. I love it!

Kathy said...

Now that I'm home, it really seems like I never went. I don't know if it is because it was so short or that the two worlds are very different or what. It's a weird feeling. But I have the pictures here in front of me so I know it's real : )

Jinglebritches said...

I am bawling my eyes out!!! I can only imagine what you must have felt and are feeling right now. LOVED all the picts!! Keep them coming.

Come over SOON and see what we have done with the house.

Love you to pieces

Jenny said...

It's so true, what everyone is saying about how incredibly obviously a family you are. You all just "go" together. God knew when they were born that they were to be your kids. Isn't that amazing??!!

Beth said...

AMAZING! Can't wait to see more. Your heart must be totally bursting!

Barb P. said...

Wonderful photos!!!love seeing the kids so happy and proud!!! Can not wait to meet them in person...I know it will be awhile but praying for the day!!

Spirit of Adoption said...

I'm in tears! I love it!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Can't wait for you to bring them home!!!

Katy said...

So wonderful.....I LOVE LOVE the photos....the one of them sleeping is hilarious...they do look so very happy with Mama and Papa!

Amy said...

Awesome pictures of you & your kids. Still love those matching jammies! I forgot to ask you how well they know english...don't they speak another language?

kayder1996 said...

Such utter sweetness...oh it makes my heart so happy to think about the "first meeting".

Carlee said...

I am in tears. What a wonderful journey. Thank you Lord for bringing these children and these parents together. Thank you for a sweet time together. Bring them home soon, Lord, in your perfect time, and until then grant them all peace that comes from You alone. Amen.

Tracy said...

Just amazing - you look like such a beautiful family from the moment you met - so meant to be!

Chris said...

Love all the photos as well as the narrative of the events that took place. You are going to be a beautiful family once you are able to bring them home! Can't wait to hear more!


Dan and Karen Herman said...

Wow, this was meant to be! The photos are wonderful, amazing and made me well up with tears. You guys belong together!

It's so exciting to read of your journey. Congratulations!

Mike and Rhonda said...

What a beautiful family!!!! So so sweet. I want you to get all of family together so very soon.

Shelle said...

What wonderful photos Dawn! I think you have some talented little photographers there. I'm just praying they will come home soon.


mark said...

Great pictures! I love the last one of your son sprawled out over the bed and on top of your daughter. My girls did that, too -- dogpile on mama!

Julie said...

What wonderful pictures of your kids! I am so glad you had the opportunity to love them in person!

Mom 2 six said...

Amazing !
Wow ... I am speechless. What a beautiful family.

Vivian M said...

How you all managed to wait for the kids to clear out I have no clue, I would have been reaching out for them!
The pictures are wonderful, and I cannot wait for your kids to come home. They are beautiful!

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