Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haiti, Day Two

The kids started their day by climbing in to bed with us -- it was a special time for all of us
Then they made their bed. We told them it was ok, they didn't have to and they responded by moving to our bed and making ours!

Here are the kids with the bins we brought down with their things and donations for the orphanage from us, a few friends and the women at my friend Margie's church.

A cool way to wait - ready to go to the orphanage for the day

Lee and I worked hard all day at the orphanage. We had a tough job cleaning out a storage unit. We hope our efforts helped! While we did this, the kids were in school. You can maybe see that Patricia is not very happy about being there. They both kind of clammed up when we first got back there, but later warmed up again. I am sure it was hard and confusing for them.

Lee says, "the orphanage is equipped with a clothes dryer that runs on wind and solar energy" hee hee

A typical meal at the orphanage of rice with beans and a small piece of fish

We brought down 200 pairs of flip flops for the kids and staff. Here they are lined up, waiting for their new shoes!

We were so blessed to put new shoes on these little feet

This face makes me want to buy more shoes!!!

The nannies and staff getting new shoes

A small group of those with new sandals or flip flops!

Ah, the kids finally get to swim! They were so patient but they did ask a few times, "When can we go swim?" (sounds like sweem with their little accents!)
They got in so fast I missed capturing Patricia's expression...
...but it was an ever bigger version of this!
ummm, we LOVE our kids!!!
Philippe eating in style

Every month the orphanage has one celebration for all the birthdays in that month. We thought since we were there so close to Patricia's 9th birthday, that we would have a party for her. The director of the orphanage picked up a cake for us at a french bakery

Here are the kids who came to her impromptu party

They played, "Pin the candle on the cupcake"
Philippe was about a foot off!

The kids got a big kick out of this game!

Bedtime. LONG DAY. I am tired just thinking about everything that was packed in!

more to come!


Jenny said...

wow! That is a long day! Love the pics, Dawn. I can't get enough of them...

CG said...

Wow, until I got to to the end I'd forgotten that this was all supposed to have happened in a single day! That is a long and tiring one! But so blessed. I enjoyed Lee's special comment.

Jinglebritches said...

The swimming coment made me giggle. When we got to the hotel with Bebo he kept repeating " Wo Me Ashi Yo Yo!" (I want to swim!)
Kids are kids are kids.

Love you to pieces!

Tracy said...

So awesome! These pics are priceless.

Katy said...

What a tiring but blessed day....these photos and video will be priceless memories.

Lena Just Lena said...

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing all about it....I think for me, the upside of this whole process of becoming a family has got to be the time spent with the children-when we are in Haiti-it's all about our boys-we hang out, we do what they want to do-we focus on them, we enjoy them-take walks, play games, swim. There is not the pressure of tasks and activities like at home. We focus entirely on the kids and just 'being'. That is a gift.

I hope that we remember how to do it when the boys come home.

Maddy and Zeke's Mom said...

I love the video clip!

What a blessing to see all of the shoes that were given out.

Vivian M said...

Oh wow, how amazing. I can't even imagine how hard it was to come back and leave them there. I am still praying, and hoping that you get to bring your beautiful children home!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

How awesome is this... I have been so busy with stuff here I haven't had time to drop in on people of late and I drop by to visit you and there you are in Haiti...
WOW!!!! This is awesome...

Unknown said...

LOVE all the pics! Everyone looks soo happy! When do they come home for good?????

Shelle said...

So wonderful- I love reading about your trip. The kids are just beautiful. The photos melt my heart. Can't wait to hear more on the 19th- bring your photos!!!


Tracy said...

I love that you celebrated her birthday!

AmyO said...

I love seeing video of your kids!

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