Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Our Neighbors, Our Friends

We can't explain the force behind our move from the city to the 'burbs just over two years ago except to say that it happened so fast that it was obviously meant to be. Even though we loved our old house, we feel more "at home" here. We LOVE our house. Our sunny kitchen. Our yard. And let me tell you we never imagined how much we would appreciate an attached (TWO CAR!) garage.

What we left behind in the old neighborhood are some dear friends. While we miss being so close to them, we have learned that if folks really are your friends, it doesn't matter how far you move away. You will still be friends. Here we are with Gary and Catherine a few weeks ago. We used to live across the street from them and called them our "neighborhood parents" (well, we still do!)

Here's the gang (well a few are missing here)

Me with Carla the vet

These two are from last fall

This one is from last summer (that is our old house in the background, by the way)

Here are our neighbors in our new neighborhood:

Well, these are some of our neighbors, but we have made new human friends in our new neighborhood, too. We have a small block, and at Christmastime, we had a great time with everyone doing a progressive dinner of sorts, having appetizers at the first four houses and desserts at the last three. It was SO much fun! But we will be keeping our "old neighbors" too. We love them!!


Jill said...

What a sweet sweet post! Love the new neighbor pics too...I am a huge animal lover!!
Hugs, Jill

Vivian M said...

When your neighbors are your friends, it's a beautiful thing!

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