Monday, March 16, 2009

Me and Spike Lee

I have met and seen a few celebrities over the years. It's kind of a funny list of people! I have met Air Supply (I was their driver! hahaha! I even bought Graham a juicer because his broke and he was so excited he grabbed my face and kissed me on the cheek); Vicki Lawrence (I escorted her to the bathroom); Louie Anderson (was responsible for picking him up at the airport and getting him to a charity event and had soup in the hotel suite while he got ready...bizarre); Tony Randall (lived upstairs from the family I nannied for in NYC); Ivana Trump, Captain and Tenille, and I think that is it. So far I have not met any of my faves.

I have seen (up close, I mean) Marion Ross (Marion Cunningham from Happy Days); Loretta Lynn, Bucky (hee hee) and Mike Wallace all at the Twin Cities airport. In LA I have seen Jada Pinkett Smith, Joely Fischer, Ian Ziering and several character actors where I know their faces but not their names. Probably the biggest star I have ever seen was Hilary Swank at a cafe in Hollywood in January, when I was there for sales training. Another big celeb I saw on that trip was Spike Lee.

A group of us were walking out of a hotel in Hollywood and someone said, "Hey! That was Spike Lee!" and I said, "Really? You know what's funny? His real name is Shelton Lee and my husband's name is Lee Shelton!" and they said, "Well, that's a good enough reason to go talk to him! Let's go!" I was like, "Wha?" and before I knew it, I was getting my picture taken with him! I told him that I knew his name was Shelton Lee and that my husband's name is Lee Shelton. He said, "Lee Shelton, huh? Hmm" and that was that.
Years ago, Lee had told me that he read that Spike's real name was Shelton and I said, "That will be a funny story to tell Spike some day!" and we laughed. Who knew I actually would tell him?!
Thought y'all would get a kick out of this story! :) I know he doesn't look thrilled to be in the pic with me, but I guess it is common for him not to smile for posed pictures. I am sure he was tickled pink to make my acquaintance! If I had known we were supposed to look stoic, I could have pulled out that look - bummer! That would have been funny!


Jinglebritches said...

He was just SO stunned by your wit and beauty! :0) I'm sure he always wondered.....hmmmm I wonder if there is someone named Lee Shelton out there somewhere?? I wonder if I will ever meet his wife??....hmmmm......

:0} Love you to pieces!!!!

Marla said...

Haha, that is pretty funny! Great picture of you!

Anonymous said...

Funny story! And here I was thinking you would be so busy getting ready to leave you could think of nothing else. You are a very funny lady. I will be pray for you as you travel.

Tracy said...

Only you would get to meet Spike Lee and tell him that crazy name story! I love it!

Let's see - the most famous people I have met are Linkin Park, Tony Todd (he played the killer in the Candyman movies) and well, then there is my brother Kirby :)

Denise said...

Good stuff!!!!

Vivian M said...

Aw, wish he would have at least smiled for the picture!

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