Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another TV Interview

KSTP TV came by again after we notified them of the dire situation at our orphanage. It aired at 10:00 pm last night.

You can see the first two interviews here.


Mike and Sherri said...

Dawn--that was a great interview. Thank you for spreading the word the way you have.
On another note, can you explain you previous post?? :-)
Sherri V.

Lee Shelton IV said...

It just shows the increase in traffic our blog has had since the earthquake. We thought it was nice to see how much interest people have taken in the welfare of our kids.

Hunan Mommy said...

We will be following this and continue to pray for your children's safety and that of everyone in the orphange.

Anonymous said...

Great interview, guys. It is not always easy to have that happen, as you have no control over what they use and don't. The T.V. station did a great job representing the story.

I missed the information on Famous Dave's fundraiser--I am sorry. We would have made every effort to be there. Glad to hear it was a success.

Of course our prayers and continued thoughts follow your children and all the others impacted by this situation. Reading their story that Lee emailed the other day was awful. Take how helpless we feel listening to it, and times it by about a million to capture how you must feel. Take care, and know that they are surrounded by prayer.

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