Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homecoming update

For those not aware of the details, Dawn and Olivia flew into Miami yesterday. Dawn's sister, Janie, met her there. We expected the kids to be flown to Miami sometime last night.

We were later informed that the kids would be broken into two groups, with one group of 82 flying in last night and one group of 25 flying in today. The only explanation offered was that not all the visas had been processed.

We then were told that the first group wouldn't make it to the U.S. until today, and that Philippe and Patricia would be in the second group. No word as to when they would fly in.

This is the latest update from FHG:
    (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) All paperwork has been completed for 82 children from the Maison des Enfants de Dieu (Children of the House of God) orphanage and they have clearance to travel to the United States. These 82 children are scheduled to depart Port-au-Prince airport on Saturday, January 23, 2010, at around 11:00 a.m. on an aircraft bound for Florida. Those children with Colorado adoptive parents in this first group, will continue on to Colorado, accompanied by a medical team from the Colorado Children's Hospital. Orphanage staff and representatives of the U.S. ministry, For His Glory Adoption Outreach (FHG) will continue to work with U.S. Embassy officials for humanitarian parole and travel clearance for the remaining eligible children. FHG hopes that these children will receive their clearance sometime on Saturday, January 23, 2010, with a departure date and time still to be determined.
Once their visas are processed the kids are supposed to fly into Orlando. We still don't know when that will be exactly, but Dawn is now on her way to Orlando to wait.

We hope to know more once the first group arrives.


Jenn said...

Thanks for the update. I hope your children are on their way to the US asap!

I live an hour outside of Orlando. If Dawn and Co. need a place to stay or hang out, let me know. I'd be happy to go and get them.

Jenn Bouton (Fellow March LID China Mom and friend of the Taricos in your travel group to China)

Megan said...

Praise the Lord! Hopefully they are either in the air or have already arrived. Hope you aren't going too stir crazy at home, either!

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