Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiti Status Update

Email update from FHG:
    Orphans Blocked From Departing Haiti
    Undefined Haitian exit procedures halts departure of humanitarian paroled orphans

    (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) Seventy-nine of the 106 children from Maison des Enfants de Dieu (Children of the House of God) orphanage, who were granted humanitarian parole, arrived in Florida on Saturday, January 23rd. The Haitian Government has blocked the remaining 27 children, including the adopted son of the For His Glory (FHG) Adoption Outreach President, Kim Harmon, from departing Port-au-Prince. In a surprise announcement, Haitian Prime Minister Bellerive stated that all future cases of humanitarian parole would have to complete an exit process with his office. He has not yet defined this exit process so no action can be taken to bring the remaining children to their adoptive parents in the United States.

    The Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage staff announced that they soon would be accepting 30 children orphaned since the January 12th earthquake. Over the past week, the orphanage has received numerous requests to take newly orphaned children. In one instance alone, it was asked to accept 70 orphans. The orphanage and FHG remain firmly committed to the children and the people of Haiti. Pat Flowers, an FHG board member who has been in Haiti this past week consulting with the orphanage staff, agreed, "we must act responsibly in accepting new orphans to ensure that we will have sufficient supplies and facilities to care for these children." Pat explained that not only is each child, who is united with adoptive parents, helped, but much-needed space is opened up at the orphanage to help other children. He added, "The need in Port-au-Prince is great."

    Kim Harmon reiterated the need to quickly complete the departure process of the remaining 27 children, who have been granted humanitarian parole. She stated "These children have adoptive families waiting to care for them in the United States. The faster we resolve the departure issue, the quicker we will be able to reach out to those unfortunate children in Port-au-Prince who now have no one." FHG urges adoptive parents, supporters and all those concerned about the welfare of the orphans in Haiti to contact their Congressmen, Senators, Governors and the White House to urge the Secretary of State to quickly resolve this issue with Prime Minister Bellerive.
It should be noted that UNICEF is behind all of this, which, infuriating enough as it is, comes as no surprise. They are effectively holding these kids, and our son, hostage and in doing so are preventing new orphans from getting the care they need.

Please keep praying.


Alecia Midgett said...

We have been writing our letters, We just sent one via the UNICEF site. We have you and your familoy in our prayer. We hope your son arrives soon.

berrytktb said...

Dawn and Family, I was LID to China just ahead of you...so have followed your story now for YEARS. We are praying so much for your family to be together in full very soon. Your family is already the very definition of beauty from ashes and we are joining you in watching the final chapter unfold with Phillipe's arrival -- hopefully soon. Just know so many people you've never met are lifting you in constant prayer! Peace and love, Katherine

Luna said...

This just breaks my heart. Praying that your son comes home soon.

Admin said...
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Admin said...

Dawn - can you email me? My husband has access to both the U.S. Head and Global Head of UNICEF, and we are willing to get a letter directly to them if it would help expedite anything.

Ked(Worrell)Ripley (Margie's friend)

dkkrrip at comcast dot net

frogglet said...

Unbeilevable, Praying that this is reversed quickly and your son can come home.

Christy said...

How does UNICEF have this much influence? Why on earth would anyone listen to them? So frustrating! I've sent them an email as well via their website asking for an explanation of their role in this new policy.

Jody Benson; Clark County Horse said...

Does anyone have a sample of a letter that has been sent to the representative and/or to UNICEF?
I have been following your story and have been praying for you and all the children but I don't have the spacific information that needs to be included in a letter.

Magie said...

Christy - the reason UNICEF has influence because it's part of the United Nations.

*sigh* Love you guys

Christy said...

Thank you, Magie. I can't believe I was not aware of this!

Anonymous said...

Hello Dawn and family,
I don't know if you remember me, but I met you a few times at Matt and Jenny's house. We moved to Connecticut 2 1/2 years ago (so that my husband can attend a Baptist seminary here) and I have been checking your blog every once in a while, finding the link through Jenny's blog. What a joy it has been to watch your children come home from China and Haiti! I am in tears today and praying for little Philippe. May God give you strength through this time and a quick reunion with Philippe, as well. God bless your beautiful family! Love in Christ, Erika Schabert and family

Lisa said...

Praying through tear filled eyes...again.

Abigail said...

Dawn and Lee,

I've followed all that's happened with you since the earthquake. I'm praying for you all throughout each day.

I'm letting the tears flow for Philippe and asking our Father to bring him home, as I'm sure so many others are.

Mary Pringle said...

There are so many families willing to host medical needed chhildren and Doctors in Florida ready and willing... it breaks my heart the red tape and money seem priority over life...I read every day a child dies...for no reason but no medical. We are 1 1/2 hour away and are willing and yet it is blocked...I do not understand.

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