Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haiti Adoption a "Battle of Endurance"

There is an excellent article in the Desert News about Utah families adopting from Haiti, and it explains the problems adoptive parents face. What's interesting is how their experiences mirror ours.

All the legal gymnastics required by parents seeking to adopt. The lack of oversight in the adoption process and the corrupt judges who make parent take unnecessary trips to Haiti just to demonstrate that they care for the kids they're adopting. The dire conditions of those kids held hostage by the Haitian government after some were allowed to leave on humanitarian parole. The article covers pretty much everything we've had to deal with.

Read the full article here.

Dawn and the girls are flying home today at 6:19 on NW from Orlando if you are in MN and want to welcome Patricia.


Lisa said...

Your family is thought of and prayed for more than you know. Wishing I could do more.

Chris said...

Glad your girls are home with you now. Praying that Philippe comes home soon too. It's sad that so many children were left behind.

Miracles from God to us! said...

So glad that your beautiful girl was on the plane and now with you forever! Now praying for Philippe will be home soon with you all too! Hope that your weekend is full of encouaraging news!

God's blessing on you all!

Love Heidi

Lisa said...

Love seeing Patricia's homecoming, your beautiful Mama too! Can't wait to see Philippe join your family too. God bless!

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