Thursday, January 13, 2011

In case you missed it...

Here is our interview with WCCO TV that aired last night.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Year Ago Today...

In some ways it feels like forever, and in others it seems like a second, but it was one year ago today that our lives changed forever. We are so grateful that our big kids survived the earthquake and were able to come home. I am feeling strange today, though. I can't describe it, but the best words are how my friend Beth described it when we met Olivia: joy and sadness colliding. So grateful our kids are home, but so sad that their homeland is still in such ruins. So sad that so many people are living on the streets, that so many kids don't have a mom and dad to tuck them in at night. We have friends on their way to Haiti right now to meet their daughter, and I am excited for them. We pray for more to adopt. We pray for Haiti. For change. Improvements. For people to know the hope and peace that faith in Christ can bring. For those of us with so much to remember and appreciate what we have.

The kids would like to share some things about that day. When the quake hit, they didn't even know what was happening. They didn't know the word earthquake in English or Creole until after it happened. They didn't know why the ground was shaking. Patricia was really scared and was crying. Philippe says he doesn't remember how he felt. They were inside and then ran downstairs to help get the babies out of the building. They only ate two times a day after the earthquake and didn't have much water. Philippe said he knows that they had water at the orphanage, but that other people didn't have water. Philippe said that some of the kids were crying and saying that they wished they were in America.

Patricia says that she would like to go back to Haiti and help people there some day, and she also would like to see God bless Haiti. Her prayer is that more people would help Haiti. If you know of any groups traveling to Haiti or another country that would benefit, please let us know and we can send you shoes to take along. It isn't much, but we are happy that we can give back in this way, and we appreciate all the shoe donations enabling us to do this. Please look for the Flip Flop Fleet on Facebook, and help spread the word about our family ministry.
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