Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Treatment Update

I decided not to title this a "cancer update", but a "treatment update". The first day of chemo went fine but was long, longer than we expected. From the time we got the hospital to the time we left was nearly nine hours, but aside from the tape they removed from her arm when removing the IV, it was pain free. Overall, it was a very good day and she felt good enough to go shopping for hats afterward.

Some of my friends from the adoption community have asked her name, since I always refer to her as "my mom"! Her name is Pauline. Thanks to EVERYONE praying for her!

Mom is doing well, feeling well, so that is good! We pray for the chemo to attack only what it should, that her health will be strong through this, and that the long list of side effects for these meds will stay away!!! (This picture was taken on my parent's 59th anniversary, last month.)

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